Affirmation Without Substance

It is never about what you have been told or heard rather what are you doing with it, matters the most. It is not about who spoke or how many times you have heard about it. Words without substance is nothing, it is just like a pen without ink. At this point there is absolutely nothing to brag about, feel shame or scared about. There are just mere words!Every spoken word does not have power until it is allowed or permitted by a recipient. This entails that any spoken word on its own does not mean what it says unless it is permitted. It is a recipient that makes any word spoken by anyone powerful. Without allowing or permitting the words uttered by the ”utter” on its own is just, but empty. This literally explains that, the power of a spoken word is not in the mouth of the speaker but in the mind of a recipient. It is the recipient that holds keys in determining the spoken word powerful and for it to come into reality. However, at this point a physical action does not have great power as mental action in accepting the spoken word. This is well explained by law of attraction, whatever that you allow into your thoughts to grow you attract and become. Therefore, this means that, the very spoken word by anyone, that you allow into your thoughts to dominate, you are actually giving it power over you and subject to it. The power of any word secretly lies, in ”permitting” it to be exactly what it has been spoken by anyone. It is the recipient that determines the physical manifestation of the spoken word. The harmony only comes to effect when the recipient agrees to what has been spoken. At this stage this is when it is said, the ‘POWER OF A SPOKEN WORD’ This happens to both negative or positive words.

Any word spoken by anyone does, no harm or profit to you, it does not add value or change anything until the moment you cooperate with it. However, unknowingly or ignorantly a number of people are living on the island encircled with full of excuses, there are failing to gaze upon the view outside the island. There are just holding to what has been negatively said over their lives. They believed and shift a blame that there are not progressing or successful simply because someone once drop out a negative word in their world. It is just a belief that they have embraced it in their thoughts and this belief has turned into a reality, yet it was not initially. They have allowed a negative word spoken in their lives to bound and haunt them. This is giving power to the word spoken. You need to stand and be accountable for every single thing that is happening in your life not point fingers to other people. You are not successful, not because of anyone or any circumstance rather yourself. your number one hindrance to your success is yourself. Anyone can speak anything they feel like speaking towards you but what matters is, what are you doing with it? you can choose to accept it or not. Stand on your toes to have a look on the outside the box. If a negative word has been spoken on you, then what? All you need is ”a shake it off attitude”, refusing to be stopped by any words from whosoever. If they speak anything negative, so what? Just shake it off and walk on top of their words. Giving them a denial access of their words in your world.

Perhaps you have been told something so positive like you shall become a millionaire, billionaire or the most influential person in the world of his time. It Impossible for you to become anything just by only a word without substance exerting on it. This can remain empty words just uttered if nothing is done about it. Every single word gets the power if it is embraced by the receiver into their thoughts and allowed and such thoughts to become dominant and attract likewise. The moment you start doing something towards it, is the very moment you start your journey towards that which has been spoken. Negatively probably you have told a million times that you cannot make it life, you are dump, loser! all such words do not have power to make you what it says until you give them power to be as such.Affirmations cannot make whatever you desire but actions backing up that does. Having a daily affirmation is not enough but consistently working towards them makes a huge difference.AFFIRMATIONS WITHOUT A BACKBONE IS AS GOOD AS TRIFLE!